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- so far, I've only seen the trailer. But what I have seen is another Oscar for Steven. No doubt about that. Highly emotional and moving. Can't wait to watch:

They say that the movie is "a democratic masterpiece".
Whatever that means...
Clinton is telling the kids this is a "we must watch movie".
A bunch of oscars for Steven, just like Bertolucci.
as far as I've heared, the 'Democrats' and the 'Republicans' were not what they are now back then. Their programs and positions seem to be not comparable in the sense of equations. But I'm no American, so I only know very little.

But I'd always trust my captain Whitman's choice.

Of course, I'm not happy or agreeing with everything Abe did or believed in. Needless to say, is it?
Still I found the trailer very moving. And the second trailer (which I've seen shortly after) even more so:

and yes, I AM aware, that this is over-pathetic.
Still I found it moving.
Still I'm looking forward to watching the movie.
The funny thing is that for Lincoln, freeing the slaves was a bit of an afterthought. He actually argued against it early in his presidency (he didn't believe America could "absorb" all those free negroes - he wanted to eventually, and gradually, free them and send them back to Africa). What he really wanted the Civil War to do was preserve the union. He only issued the Emancipation Proclamation to force the South's hand.

It's all very odd and telling of the times, and clearly the Civil War was nothing but a tremendously unnecessary slaughter of Americans by Americans. But politicians stirred it up, just as you'd suspect.
Politicians are awesome. Always were, and always will be. Aaaahhhh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! :((
I have seen this film twice and I wouldn't mind seeing it a third time, too. Spielberg might be too sentimental at times ("always") but he nails some classic truisms in this one. Lighting and settings were perfect... Daniel Day-Lewis was himself and the screenplay by Tony Kushner just fucking sings. Nice supporting work, too.

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