Linda Bukowski 1999 Interview (1 Viewer)

Great interview - but it's not the unedited version of the Hamlin & Aposhian interview for Free Thought. This is the Mike Watt interview for Mean Magazine...
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My bad.

It would seem, then, that the interview is complete.

I mean there is:

"An earlier version of this interview appeared in FreeThought Volume II, Issue 1, Summer 2000."

But that would be a different version. Not the
unedited complete version.

Or am I reading that wrong?
I've got that issue of Free Thought. The Linda B. interview in the mag is much longer. That's the full version. The one at is an abbreviated version of the Free Thought interview. I've compared them...
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"FreeThought Volume II, Issue 1, Summer 2000." [.....] Dude. You've had it all along?

is this really SUCH a rare issue?
i never realized.

the Buk-society used to have this paper as a free welcome-gift to new members years ago! hell!

maybe i'm going to scan that fucker and post it where we don't talk about ...
He was a hugely sensitive, powerful, verbally articulate, emotional human being. He excelled at all of those things, and so when you get to know somebody very intimately"”you find that there are many facets and intimate layers. Hank had such a great deal of intellectual power, psychological power, verbal, philosophical power. He didn't explode. He was a man of the greatest integrity.

That's a great quote. And its a shame that people still only see the crazy drunkard.

Thanks for the interview link! Both of them!
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