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I have a soft cover later printing (7th?) of "What Matters Most" inscribed to someone, (I can't remember the name right now) and signed by Linda Lee. Just wondering if anyone else has ever come across anything like this? curious as to how something like this might come about. I personally have never seen any others, and its actually one of my favorite Bukowski pieces. She seems like such a good woman. any thoughts? about the book I mean.
Wow, that's odd! Maybe she gave it someone as a present? Where did you get it - ebay?
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Yeah, she probably gave it to someone as a gift.

I tried to get her to sign my copy of Shakespeare Never Did This and she wouldn't. She was very polite about it but said that since she didn't write it she shouldn't sign it.
Got it from one of the book sights. maybe Abrilis? Biblio? don't really remember. I thought that it was weird when I read the listing, but I needed to buy the title anyway so this was a nice bonus.
There was a 'celebrity' book on ebay a year or so ago inscribed by Bukowski to Shelley Winters and then again by Linda to Sinéad O'Connor.
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still, if I was the heir of a friend and found a book dedicated to him by someone, not to speak of the widow of the author, i'd definitely keep it.
YEs, but if you consider that Sinead O'Connor and Shelly Winters may not have been fans. It is possible that someone wanting to gain favor with them asked to have these signed and the recipient could care less for the association.

If it was signed to me, I'd keep it and let my wife sell it when I died (I'd hope that the kids would want to keep somethign like this), but only if I liked the author.

I'm not sure what they would do if, after my death, they found a signed, inscribed book in my collection from Ann Colter.

Hopefully they would have the good sense to destroy it.


p.s. I do not have any Ann Colter books and would only want one if I knew that it was stolen directly from her house, assuring me that 1) she missed this book and 2) She did not make a dime off of it.... Still, I would have to keep it in a different place, sequestered like you do when a book has a mold problem to keep it from tainting other books.
Bill, I'll go one further: I would love to take an extremely loose dump in white supremacist Ann Coulter's mouth and then duct tape it shut.

I seem to have digressed.

I think if you have a Buk book with Linda's sig, you should probably hang on to that one. As they say, "a nice association copy." Just not Jack Grapes this time.
thing with white supremacist ann coulter is, if we stop acting outraged, she'll keep pushing the envelope, because that's her livelihood. and i for one would like to see her so back up against the wall that she has to start advocating that liberal women administer self-sterilization or some weird thing.
i just realized, i got moths now.
so this should make me change my focus here.

only, i don't.
and don't care for those fuckers to eat my suits. not MUCH that is.

my first love was my aunt, only 8 years older, and she died at 16.

wrong thread.
how can someone, who receives a book as a gift, ever sell it!!!
i hate people.

That reminds me of an old Peanuts strip where Linus say: "I love mankind. It's just people I can't stand!" - I've always loved that statement...:D
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it's just, i should change my focus and care about those moths before they eat my clothes, only i don't because there are so many more important things in live. it was WAY off-topic. sorry.
Oh, moths. Jesus christ, I read that as months, then followed with the "change of focus" line - well, I thought you were telling us you only had months to live. Ha ha ha.
What an N can do.

The N of Nicole in "Women".
Or the S in "Dangling In The Tournefortia".

"do you like Ibsen?" she asked.

"he knew his women," I answered, "but I prefer Knut

"oh, do you like Knut Hamsun? do you know that there
is a Knut Hamsun Society?"

"like Mahler, eh?"

oh, do you like Mahler too?"

"yes," I said, flicking my ashes out over the balcony
of my imaginary Greek island.

we drank and drank and each morning I'd awaken
not sure where I was.
then I'd look over at the north wall and there would
the giant two-foot white styrofoam "S" she had glued

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