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I've always thought that Linda King was a gifted sculptor based on her bust of Bukowski. I'm even more convinced of that when I see things like this:


Who is that? ;)

Here's the auction.
I don't know about that one, but as I said somewhere else in this forum, when I was at her place I think to remember there was an A.D.Winans next to the B one and I recall her telling me she had made made quite a few busts of B "friends"
And once again,
Billy Roberts is our highest bidder.....
Makes me think,
The book is worth that amount,
But the shipping for that damned thing.....
zoom man said:
And once again,
Billy Roberts is our highest bidder.....
You'll notice that he's the first bidder on a lot of things. You'll rarely see him go above the opening bid, but if he's interested in something, you can be pretty sure it's scarce, valuable or unusual.

He runs Bottle of Smoke Press. He put out as Buddha Smiles a collection of short Bukowski poems and excerpts on small cards, and a periodical called Bottle, among lots of other things.

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