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"Bukowski: Undigested" - Release Party for Linda King
April 19th, 2008 - 7:30 PM

Linda King is a poet and a sculptor who had a five year relationship
with Charles Bukowski from 1970-1975 which is well documented in many
books including "Women" by Bukowski. Linda will be bringing her famous
bust of Bukowski to The Beat Museum for this event which will celebrate
the release of her upcoming book, "Bukowski: Undigested". Currently on
display at The Beat Museum are Linda's sculptures of Ferlinghetti,
Harold Norse and Jack Micheline.
That's the place. My wife gets the credit for finding this one. She gets emails from (or whatever it is) and they sent out a notice on the Linda King release party. I think I read that Linda's bringing THE HEAD. The original bronze bust of Bukowski. Now that would be something to see.
Yeah, I'd like to see him read. Also, Ferlinghetti. There aren't many of the original Beats still living. I know they catch hell around here, but I have a soft spot in my heart for them. When I was a kid of 10 they were so out there, so strange and new. I remember reading Seymour Krim's paperback anthology, THE BEATS, and being blown away. The only one of the major Beats I ever saw was Ginsberg. Somehow, I still have the book he signed for me. Would love to have seen Keroauc, Corso, Burroughs. Are any of you planning to go to the Linda King event? I'm thinking about it, although I really can't afford a trip to SF any time soon.
I'm looking forward to reading her book. That's gotta be something special!
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Prince Hal will be there too. That's amazing!

I thought that Harold was very ill. I'm not sure how it will go as he seems to have serious memory issues.

This is a poem by A.D. Winans:


AD Winans / poem for harold

Neeli and I visit the ancient warrior
Praised by William Carlos Williams
And other literary giants
90 years old
Early stages of dementia setting in
Playing hide and seek inside
His solitary room
Now an old man trapped
In death's shadow
He reads us a poem from
His collected works
His voice still loud and clear
Like Sunday Church Bells

He puts down the book becoming
Frail and vulnerable again
This rock of ages with peaked hat
Walking slowly with us to the
Cafe across the street
Complaining about the loud music
As Neeli orders him a cup of coffee

"Make mine black," he says then
Wants to know why I didn't put
Milk in it
This forgotten warrior
Walking back to the care facility
Neeli shielding him with an umbrella
To ward off the cold rain
"That's my hotel the
Beat Hotel"
He says---
Hotel Nirvana racing inside
His blood

He stops says,
"I can't go on"
Out of breath
As if the next step
Might be his last

He is like a bird
His eyes nesting
In my soul
Feeding on poetry the
Sum total of his life
For the record, this poem was written by A.D. Winans. The only thing that I had to do with it was posting it on this forum....

That's what publishers do, Bill, poast things which
have been written.

Such genuine modesty.

Thanks again for passing it on, Bill.
Mucho thanks.

I'm wondering the same thing: how Norse will manage given his memory problems. Hearing A.D. Winans read that poem and then buying the signed broadside of it from him at the Beat Museum was something I'll never forget. Well, unless I go senile and forget everything.
And Linda King's book? Is this the one that's been 'years in the making'? I'll bet it's only 18 pages long. Prove me wrong, Linda! Give us 500 pages of previously unknown Bukowski. Revelations! Scandals! Letters! Secrets! Bottled Farts!
I too wonder if this is TBFKALAHB ('The book formerly known as Loving and Hating Bukowski') or just an excerpt.

The manuscript version of 'Loving and Hating' that I know has about 300 pages (but with very wide line-spacing) - the number of words is approx 78,000.

So this would make a book. But this version includes excerpts from His letters and poems of His, and there might be a copyright problem with that (which used to be the main reason for it not to be published for so long).

Looking forward to what comes around now...
But this version includes excerpts from His letters and poems of His, and there might be a copyright problem with that (which used to be the main reason for it not to be published for so long).

If that's the case, then I bet the other Linda will have a problem with it. Unless she gave it her blessing -- something I don't think is likely to happen. Linda B. seems like a fine person with a good heart, but would she give the green light to a book about her husband written by another women who was his lover? I plan to buy this one the minute it's available. Remember what happened to Amber's book.
I suppose Linda B. can't stop the book before it's publshed, even if she objects on copyright grounds. I think that's called prior restraint (I'm no lawyer, etc.), and you can't do it. But once it's out she can shut it down fast if Linda K. uses too much of Bukowski's words (see "fair use"). So if there's an advance order list, I'm getting my name on there. I want my copy shipped day one. Still kicking myself for not buying the complete Amber memoir for $10 or whatever when it was first out. And the John Thomas one, too. Waiting is a bad idea with small press books about Bukowski.
Seems like Linda King has taken her time in writing about Bukowski, and that's probably a good thing. She's had time to think it through, the perspective of many years. I'm guessing it'll be a good book.
linda king book: bukowski undigested

hi all...
i am matt sesow...
i had the privilege of meeting linda king a few years back. anyways, she is a wonderfully nice person... she wrote a bunch of poems while with buk ... i met her when i was in phoenix for a project where i did a huge anti war painting that people wrote plays for in phoenix.

i was lucky to meet linda while there...

anyways, she just published a book with poems that she wrote while with mr. bukowski. i did 60+ paintings for the project. you can check out the results at

we are going to be in san fran april 18 and 19./....
at the beat museum....

please come by and say hi. send your friends...

We have a few of Matt's paintings hanging in our house, and he was in a show at Carol's old San Pedro gallery. You couldn't find a nicer guy and a harder working artist anywhere, and I think the pairing of artist/author is inspired. I wouldn't miss this book.

Those are all amazing paintings. I love them all and they seem to be perfect for the book. I'm glad you finally figured out how to post this message. Sorry I wasn't around to help you out earlier -- been sick. Congratulations on a very cool project with Linda. Can't wait to get my copy to add to our Buk and Sesow collections.

Much Love,
Carol Es
Hooch, considering your avatar I can see how you would like Matt's work. You have an eye for the unusual and nonstandard.

We have a few Sesow paintings, but the big one in our kitchen is my favorite - I should find the fucking digital camera and...


Oh, there it is.

We have a couple other smaller pieces, but I particularly like the one above. It is painted on a hunk of plywood with a cross brace at the top of the back. I'm sure he didn't intentionally put the brace there, that's just he way the piece of wood showed up in front of him.

I think he traded a piece of Carol's for this one. We get a lot of art through trade, so I'm lucky in that way. She makes the art, I reap the benefits of the trades.

(Yes, Father Luke, those are you Bachy's on the table...I just got envelopes today. They are on the way tomorrow. Really! And yes, is run from a kitchen table! ha.)
There are a lot of things in that picture, my man. I recognize the dial phone, but not much else.

Hooch, considering your avatar I can see how you would like Matt's work. You have an eye for the unusual and nonstandard.

I painted that one.

Matt's work reminds me of de Kooning crossed with Basquiat, if that makes any sense.
just great stuff.
That does make sense if you REALLY think about it. I like both Basquiat and Willem de Kooning, no matter the HUGE differences.

To me Matt's work reminds me more of a certain revival of the COBRA wave.
For instance; check out, Karel Appel.

But I must say, the COBRA paintings are often more abstract.

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