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Sounds good, the first 1st paperback edition is yours. Do you want her to sign it? What's your mailing address? Or I can hand deliver to you. Then we can meet face to face. It would be great to meet the Great MJP? or is it the great mjp?
It would be great for you (or anyone, really) to meet the great mjp, but I don't know how great it would be for me. I feel like I'd have to check for my wallet on the way out.

Yeah, I want the one on ABE with a painting. But now I can only pay $1. If you keep stalling you're going to have to pay me to take it.
For collectors of good friends or ex-girlfriends
of Buk and contemporaries like Locklin, Lifshin, Richmond, Winans
or successors like Hines, McCreesh or even Phillips, 50 dollars max. would be fair.
In the meantime, maybe they must be able to hold a paint brush.
However, it sometimes depends of the book binding method.

What's your opinion, Bill?
So it's great mjp. Check your wallet? That's funny. Like I would take a few dollars from you. Let just have a beer Bukowski style. We can meet in Marina Del Rey. What's your email address I'll email you an invoice from paypay. Rekrab yes it's a bit of mark up.
We can meet in Marina Del Rey.
I'd rather pull off all of my toenails with a rusty pliers than drive to the Westside. You come to El Sereno and we'll go to Tamale Man. Or Philippe's downtown. You can pick up the tab and gift me the book with the painting at the same time.

Now that I think of it, Philippe's is probably better. You can buy me beers there. Bukowski style. Philippe's isn't expensive, but bring $50 or $60, cash. I'm going to have a lot of beer and it's a cash-only joint.

I'm glad we worked it out.
I want to read Mad Ouija but 'm waiting for the paperback. The Kisskill website has it listed as "coming soon" - I hope that refers to a reprint and not the $1,000 hardback.
The hardcover is available for about $50. I understand that there are no plans for a paperback. Still, Kiss Kill can answer that better than I can.
what kind of idiot would pay a grand for that?

seller's got more nerve than brains...
Some booksellers do that: pick up limited editions new at issue price and then ask ridiculously high prices for them, hoping it'll go o.p. and someone will be desperate enough to pay the exorbitant amount. I doubt that trick works very often.

And then there are "dealers" who are really just collectors who don't want to sell any of their books, so they price them too high and tell their wives "but honey, it's all up for sale, I'm just waiting for buyers."
Rekrab, yeah the dealers/collectors want to increase the value. It is a very good book. I'll let you know when it's ready for paperback.

7 p.m. tonight.

I'll be wearing a gingham romper and pigtails. How do I spot you?

I'll being wear a Bukowski shirt with my hair curly. I'm surprised you know what the spring/summer fashion is. But, it's fall now, you might want to wear a long dress.

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