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That's a blast from the past.

mjp, are we part of a WebRing? If not, why not? :rolleyes:

Uriah: "Sounds like somebody is living in the past - contemporize man!"


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Aren't webrings similar to 8-track tapes? I thought that once Google came out and people started posting links, that the idea of a webring was similar to the administrations idea of the Geneva Convention, "Quaint"?

Don't try balls
perhaps not as inspiring or profond as "don't try" but still some pretty good advice
very funny stuff
What the fuck is is a "webring" ?
... What the fuck is is a "webring" ?

it's a thing from the older days of the www.
sites with similar topics/subjects united under the site of a webring where all of them showed up as links.

e.g. if you're a Bukowski-fan and go to a Bukowski-webring, you would find only links related to Bukowski. and every member-site had a link to the webring on its pages in return, so that you'd easily find the webring (and thus: many more sources on your subject) even if you didn't know about that specific webring before.

hm, does this sound a little confusing?

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