Link to recording of Berkeley launch of "Absence of the Hero" (1 Viewer)

Thanks! Interesting interview David (the long one). Some thoughtful comments. Liked the link made between Buk' extreme sex tales and his "abused childhood". Never made that link before. Seems obvious once you think it over.
Nice find on the letter explaining the background of the "Barbecue Sause" story.

On Buk's European popularity: I think you overrate his popularity in Europe. My impression is that many still don't take him seriously, in Scandinavia at least. He's more appreciatd as a curiosity than a major writer. At one time his publisher in Norway told me that they didn't think his poetry needed translating to Norwegian because he wrote in such a "simple" English that anyone could understand it. Yeah. I forgot. Good poets aren't suppost to be understandable...

Thanks again, and for the books as well!

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