Literary Times -Vol. 4 , No.2 -Dec. 1964 , First Bukowski Interview nterview , 1 Untitled Poem (1 Viewer)

Literary Times - Vol.4 , No. 2 - December , 1964

Literary Times ( out of Chicago) V. 4 N 2 - Dec 1964 that contains Bukowski's first published Interview ( March 1963)--special Interview issue with Bukowski ( and others) Along with the Interview --the issue contained a Bukowski untitled work-in-progress poem that was subsequently published later that year in. " It catches my heart in its hands" under the title " The talkers" . The finished version of the poem ( in " it catches. . . ) differed from the one in Literary Times. It was expanded, given a title and revised ( " his" was added to the first line that did not appear in the Literary Times version.). Bukowski probably gave the work-in-progress poem to the editor in March of 1963 and said it would appear in " It Catches. . . " but the poem and Interview were received prior to the publication of " It Catches. . . which was published later that year.






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