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Hello peers,
I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for lit mags to submit to and read. I dont like to pay reading fees to magazines I've never read and I think trigger warnings are fucking absurd. I might have a 20th century mentality as far as writing goes but I've had 4 publications in the past year by just sending poems to magazines that didnt charge reading fees. I want to find some underground magazines or places that arent drunk on political correctness. I've had my editor verbally flog me for using the word "American" as an that's not great. I know a few of you dabble in wasting words like myself so I'm hoping I can get a few recommendations or pointed in a different destination.
Agreed! So I'm hoping to get the best bang for my buck and find a few good ones to get a subscription for. I've had a few hit and miss suggestions, like pank and vagabonds. Vagabonds I got a poem accepted to them after a bit of digging. I'd like a few mags to read that are worthwhile.

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