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Have you cats ever seen a 'little man' SMILING?

Here is one.

Given the aniversary (25 years of MaroVerlag) it must have been just before his death. Which, I think, gives even more meaning to the smiling part.

(ps: I don't know, if the written part is a true facsimile or the text was set for printing, but there's no doubt about the authenticity of the little man.)
What looks strange to me is that looks like a preprinted mass produced card for a personal message. But what do I know.

That is the first smile I've seen.
... looks like a preprinted mass produced card ...

the source is as follows:

When the German publishing-house Maro turned 25 years, the authors and friends of Benno Kaesmayr (the founder) surprised him with an aniversary-book:

All of them had contributed bigger or smaller greetings, stories, articles, comics of any kind. Then they produced it as if it were a regular Maro-book.

I don't know if these books were officially for sale sometime, nor do I know the circulation-run (what's the correct word for the number of copies?). But I found two of these books at MM's lately and took a photograph of that short Buk-contribution with my cellphone - that's where the lousy quality comes from.

It musta been very few months before Hank's death. That certainly explains the shortness.

Since Buk did use a computer at that time, maybe even the printed words are true facsimile. But it sure looks strange.

The words, though, sound like true BUK to me. (see his gratulation-poster on Maro's 15th.

I found it most remarkable, that Hank drew a SMILING 'little man' for the first time in his life, so short before he ended it. Has a conciliable touch, don't you think?
Interesting. That's the first time I've seen the little man smiling.
Thanks, Roni...
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Jesus, it's almost the equivalent of a happy face for Bukowski. Amazing. He must have been in a very peaceful state of mind to draw that. :> )

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