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I have a signed copy of Little Poem that is a tear out from the Ohio Review. I got it in the early to mid
nineties and am trying to find the pub. date. The database lists it as 2001 which may be inaccurate. Can anyone
shed light? Thanks.
I just got a copy of the tear out too. Unfortunately for me, it is stapled to a second poem. But on the plus side, this appears to be where this version of Crime and Punishment appeared.

Fogel says there were two poems in that issue, so I think this is the other one.

(And, surprise, it matches the manuscript word for word)


First of all, I don't think being a fan of Bridget the Midget necessarily makes me a bad person.

Secondly, buying plastic half gallons of George Dickel and throwing them over my neighbor's rusty chain link fence when they're empty doesn't make me a redneck.

To be a Devil's advocate, fucking three of my cousins (one of which was retarded) may make me a redneck, but that's a completely different thread.

Can we just focus on all of the scholarly contributions I make here when I'm not at Bible study?

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