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Little private Bukowski Collection (1 Viewer)

Hello everyone,
First of all please excuse my missing knowledge about the work of Bukowski. The reason for my posting shouldn’t be understand as disrespectful or something like this. I’m just searching for help or informations and thought a forum with people who love the work of Bukowski could be the perfect place to ask.

My father passed away six weeks ago. He was a filmmaker from Germany and did 3 films about Bukowski. Two in the 70´s and one in the 90´s. He met Bukowski several times because of these projects and it seems to be that they had a good connection. However he got a lot of stuff from and about Bukowski. Amongst other things 10 original paintings, a few singed books and photos. I’m not sure but I believe the paintings are acrylic on paper from the Black Sparrow series. All in all you can call it a little privat Bukowski collection.

Now after my dad is gone, my family is thinking about selling the pieces which have a value. That brings me back to the reason of this post. Would it be possible to get a rough evaluation of the value, if I post some photos?
I would be grateful for any kind of informations.

Best regards
Sorry to hear about your father.
I'm sure everyone in the forum would be pleased to see the items in your collection.
It is very friendly here - and I'm also sure you will receive an honest appraisal of your late father's pieces.
Look forwarding to viewing your posts.

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Sorry about the loss of your dad.
We would definitely love to see the photos of the paintings and know more about the films that your father made. What was his name?
Some members will be able to tell you the value of the paintings.
Thanks, those are very cool. Prices for stand-alone Bukowski paintings are hard to guage, in my opinion. The last time that large a group of individual paintings were sold at auction was the PBA Ross Runfola sale, I guess 10 or so years ago. You can check that auction archive for realized prices.
So, I could tell you what I would pay, more or less, for them. If money weren't an overriding concern, and I wasn't a bookseller trying to low-ball you to later fuck a citizen, I would give you $1,000-$1,200 each for the ones i wanted.
As a group, I'd say $8,000 would be realistic. It would be really interesting to see what one of those would get on ebay with a $1 opening bid with no reserve. Depending on the week, that could lead to heartbreak or a small bidding war. I'm not recommending that, by the way.
Anyway, I hope others chime in, and listen, I could be way off base regarding value. Thanks again for taking the time to post them. Lastly, based on my amateur research over the years, I'd say most of those sere done from 1974-1977, with 1 from the 60's.


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I would put a much higher value on them, both individually and as a group.

But it depends on how quickly you want to liquidate them. Your ten paintings all coming onto the market at once would constitute a glut, and decrease their value. If you sold them slowly over a longer period of time you'd realize higher prices.
I'm interested to see what other items you've inherited. I imagine you could sell the paintings for quite a bit, but the price tag as well as content would make them of little interest for me personally. You said you had things " by and from Bukowski" so I'm wondering what that means outside of books. Are there letters or correspondences? What books are you looking to sell? I'd be very interested in items like letters or books but the paintings are not something I can afford or, respectfully, would really want to hang in my limited space. Again I am sure those paintings will warrant a hefty price from the right people. I am sorry for your loss and look forward to your responses. If and when you get around to listing the other items and what you're considering selling them for I would love to start a dialogue. Cheers, celebrate your Dad, and stay safe.
Hi, MAS90, this is Roni from the German Charles-Bukowski-Society.
I've learned about your father's death from Alexander Wasner of the SWR just a week ago and intended to get in contact with you anyway.

I knew your father and it was me who convinced him in 2013 to digitize his filmed raw-material of Bukowski so it is save from the destruction that magnetic-tape suffers after time. I also invited him to speak at our symposium in Andernach in 2017.

Please do not sell anything in a rush!
I'll be pleased to support and advice you as best as I can. (A service that I did for the daughter of Michael Montfort as well after her dad had died.)

You'll get a pm.
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Its been a while but I just didn’t find the time to be active the last few days. First of all thanks a lot for all your tips and evaluations. I have the feeling that most of you really try to help beside one guy who sent me a pm.
I don´t have to rush anything and it makes totally sense to keep the paintings and sell them over time.
I will post pictures of the other stuff like I promised but before I will accept roni´s over to give me more help and advices. He had contact to my father in the pass and speak German, so it seems to be the right and for me easiest way to go ahead.

However thanks a lot again and take care.

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