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Yes, I have. PBA is a good organization. If you want to see some interesting Bukowski items, check out their upcoming auction of The Edwin Blair Collection of Beat Literature: http://www.pbagalleries.com/
[Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with this organization.]


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I think they have no feedback because selling on Ebay is a new thing for them: they've only been members since 2/8/06 -- maybe this is their first Ebay auction...

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Is signing up free?
And I've always wondered, how do you get your own stuff to get sold that way on e-bay?
When I was selling It Catches My Heart... on e-bay, I had someone e-mail me a question "Why don't you auction these?" and I thought yeah, good idea, now what?!

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Whoa, that's fucking crazy. I've never seen it sell for anything close to that. It's a great inscription though...

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