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You know just how to cheer up the post New Year blues cirerita, thanks.
Great interview! Funny that he says he hardly got any sex between age 13 - 34, since he met Jane at 28. Well, mayby they did'nt have much sex...
Thanks, cirerita!
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Before 1960.
The included poem, face of a political candidate on a street billboard, places it in the 70s.


Wait, I'm wrong - he mentions the "advent of AIDS," which makes it mid 80s or later.


And then of course he says, "I'm 71 now," which makes it 1991.

There. You made me read the whole damn thing again.
Sometimes I feel I could spend the rest of my life digging up things on this site I hadn't read.
Your reread, mjp, was useful, for me at least.
I like the bit about the "chin" in Chinaski. Although it sounds like bs, I still like it. ;-)
Great interview. The hippie-esque art makes it look much earlier than it really is. He was working on PULP at the time, which also helps date it. About the AIDS mention, I recall first hearing about AIDS in So. Cal. in early 1982.
==> Greatest tragedy of our times: The 8 hour job
==> Not wise enough to lead,
but wise enough not to follow

Hank's always ready for displaying some gems,
thanx for this interview
Thanks cire! I obviously have missed it the first time!

Fuckin'-great DIY-punk-layout!

Thanks, hanz, for bringing this thread up again! But - how come you suck so much?

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