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lothario speedwagon
i've never seen 4 locked threads in the top 10 most recent. i'll take a screenshot and send it to the fail blog with the title, "discussion fail."
There have been several threads shut down lately and I agree with all but one and that one even had some edge.

Fighting and back biting should be in PMs unless mjp is bitch slapping a couple of chuckleheads who think we give a shit about their delusions and self serving bullshit.
Okay now we should close this thread.
I hear there's a place where all the locked threads are put, it's a dingy attic of an old movie theatre and there they are stuffed in a box next to an old array of Asian marionettes. And only MJP has a key to this room-for all others eyes are forbidden.

But someday, maybe in other time, people eyes may feast upon these discarded relics and what secrets they will reveal.
When I'm dead Abel will find them all. Until then, the forum will have to remain built on myth and hyperbole.
What happened to the D.H. Lawrence thread ? :confused: Did it turn into a fight place ? If so, I hope there were neither dead nor injured.
Well, better a locked thread than a locked ward...Lord knows, that ain't no fun.

(Unless of course, I get that busty nurse again:D)

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