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When I interviewed Douglas Blazek in his place somewhere in Sacramento, he described B as being a "lone wolf" in the 60s. The more I think about it, the more I believe he's right. Maybe B wasn't a lone wolf later on in his life -say, when he lived with Linda- but after reading the poems & letters from those years, the feeling I get is that B was indeed a lone wolf.
Hello cirerita,

You intrigue me. I keep reading about you interviewing close associates to Bukowski...what exactly are you doing over in the U.S.A - freelance writer/journo?

You live in Sacramento? I have been to California myself...I live in Glasgow, Scotland...but I have family in Redlands California...so I got to see a little bit of the life there, stayed in Vegas for a time, the Light Bulb State, gross and brillant! Do you know California? When I come back over to the U.S. I think I'll try and seek out some of the Bukowski haunts in San Pedro....would be great! I discovered Bukowski without ever knowing 'how unique and ''big'' he was...strange to see that he is soo revered.
Damn, doubt I'll sift through your 500odd posts.

I'll deduce that you are a freelance writer for various small time literary magazines in L.A.

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