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I begin with a question: Is Jory Sherman, once a buddy of Bukowski and later a writer of alliteratively titled cowboy novels, still alive? I’m curious because in one of his dreadful semi-memoirs he refers to Jane Cooney Baker as being fat and none-too-bright? If he’s still alive that would make him pretty much the Last Man Standing as a witness to early 60s Bukowski and his “marvelous fuck”.
he refers to Jane Cooney Baker as being fat and none-too-bright...
Sherman and Bukowski didn't start corresponding until 1960. During '60 and '61 Jane and Bukowski were only friends and didn't see each other often. Then, of course, she died.

So Sherman may have met Jane, but it's unlikely that he knew her. And he would have met her near the end of her life, so his impression of her -- well, who gives a shit what his impression of her was?

He wasn't exactly a prize-winning beauty or a genius himself.
I’m guessing that Neeli Cherkovsky fits the bill as the only person alive in 2020 that knew, or met, Bukowski in 1960 or earlier. It seems like a weird thing to be interested in but I’m fascinated by the pre-“kind-of-famous”-Bukowski, before he began writing his newspaper columns for various alternative publications.

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