Long time reader: is being a buk fan a stereotype?? (1 Viewer)

Hey all,

Life long avid reader. Favorite authors Ellis, Buk, j Harrison, McCarthy... etc.

I found this post on a feminist slanted meme page (gotta stay self aware) and was taken aback.

Do buk fans or fans of generally masuline lit get a bad rap?

Is this why i'm lonely??! Ahahahahaha

Thanks guys

...Red snapper...

well that explains everything!.

from Wiki -

"the red snapper is considered one of the most feminist slanting of the Lutjanus variety of deep sea fish."

you know what they're named after, right?

jeez, where's this guy from?
I'm not a feminist. I don't get offended by Buk. I get offended by feminists that are offended by Buk who have never read his work.

97.5% of the internet then (majority of that is Tumblr crazies).
Well, I’m a female and I really love Bukowski’s books. Yes, some stories are uncomfortable (dirty) and sometimes I skip parts, but I can’t blame him for having such a bad childhood. I see the bigger picture and the bad childhood part is what I relate to. I feel kind of sane reading his stories

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