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I'm Tahnee. I signed up a couple of years ago but haven't had the net for a while.

I've been reading Bukowski since I was fourteen, and I've found him hard to get past. My dad's been a fan since the 70s and my brothers and sister and I are all disciples.

I started with South of No North - I remember being in my year 9 English class: during "free reading" time, the teacher would force the children to read aloud with no warning. I was absolutely terrified because I happened to be reading "Stop staring at my tits, mister". My number didn't come up.

Since then, I've read the novels and short stories to death, but still keep going back. And of course the endless well of poetry.

Favourites? South of No North, Women, and Pulp. I've always thought that Pulp is my favourite, except that it is not quite typical, and that you can't really recommend it to people because I believe it takes a lot of background reading to appreciate.

At the moment, I'm actually reading the letters for the first time. I've resisted for a while for fear of discovering something I didn't want to know. But I feel that I know him well enough to not be surprised or disappointed to find that he is a real person. It really enhances the experience because you realise that there is very little smoke between him and the stories.

Looking forward to some Bukowski conversation.


Love for $17.50...

welcome Tahnee. looks like you found the right place.

but you're looking a bit pale. are you feeling ok?

sorry, that's the best joke I could come up with.

enjoy the forum.
Welcome to the light. It can be cold and lonely in the shadows.
I like Matt Dillon over Mickey Rourke as Bukowski. Mickey Rourke was very good and the Movie Barfly was better in a way, but Matt Dillon is better in my book. I agree with you on all the rest of your posts.:);)

Stick around now.
Welcome back, Tahnee!

You really seem to love your mannequin (for $17.50?).I once read about a writer who kept a mannequin in his closet. Where do you keep yours?

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