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Longshot Pomes for $400 only! (1 Viewer)

Looks more like an early Xerox than a mimeo. The fading to gray inside the lettering/lines is the kind of solarization you got with early photocopies. And no copy of the wrappers. I wouldn't pay more than two or three dollars for it.

Some of his other Buk items are much better buys.
Yah, it's Vagabond books in L.A. They always seem to really price things at the highest possible end of the spectrum (and sometimes, as with, way out of the stratosphere), and tend to be pretty unwilling to come down reasonably. I was interested in setting up a trade for a book that fairly should go for $800-1200, but which they had priced around $2K. They wanted about $6K worth of books I had on my trade list. NUTS TO THAT!

Humorously, their handle on eBay is VAGBK, which always makes me chuckle.
I haven't seen much mimeo printed stuff in recent years. I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen anything done with mimeo that was grayed out in the center like that. What I recall is printing that is either uniformly light, or dark and blotchy. I don't remember getting much of a gradation of tones on one piece. Bill Roberts would know: he has a mimeograph machine and has used it recently. My two old broken machines went in the dump, literally. A bad decision I made during our last move from L.A. to Oregon. I could have fixed them and become another d. a. levy, a couple decades too late.
So at what point does a pirated item go from being an "under the counter" basically illegal item to a collectible that a dealer can get away with selling? I always wonder about that when I see a listing like this. If you sold a Xeroxed Bukowski chapbook that you made yesterday, it would be a copyright rip off. But after X years, it's a rare "pirated edition." 20 years? 30 years? And for you lawyers out there, does such a thing ever really become legal? Is it "grandfathered in" after a certain number of years?

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