Longwood Ave on the 1940 census? (1 Viewer)

It looks like he was at the corner of 21st Street. I'm looking now...
Just looked through 42 pages of ED60-897. Does not seem to be there. I'll check another ED.

(later) nothing in ED60-898. My eyes are crossing. Someone else'll find it...

That is assuming that Henry Sr. actually participated in the census....

Here it is... Click to make big...

bukowski 1940 census2.jpg
Does that say that the next door neighbor was a mail carrier? If so, did Bukowski ever mention that? Good job on digging that up.
Looks like Henry senior, the Museum Attendant, made 78 cents an hour in 1939 (the equivalent of $26,377 today). Seems hard to believe that junior made 55 cents an hour the very next year, in 1940, working in the stockroom at Sears. Unless Museum Attendant was/is just a really shitty job.

Doesn't seem like a shitty job though, considering the stated value of the house was only $4,200 (equivalent of $67,967 today). Compared to that, I suppose $26,377 wasn't such a bad salary. Even though that would be sub-poverty level now.

(zillow.com values the house at $355,400. More than five times the Consumer Price Index inflation value. Which goes to show you what a lopsided hunk of shit the California real estate market is.)

Note the mother is also listed at the bottom for "supplemental questions." Looks like both foreign born wives got those questions.
I think that this was random. Notice that line 68 is part of the form, not written. Because of this, they may have wanted to get a sampling of info without asking everyone the questions. They may have gone for 10% by picking 2 of the 20 lines to ask the addl questions.
Yeah, I noticed that. Just seems...I don't know...fortuitous that both were foreign-born wives. ;)

I heard that the 1940 census was available late last week, but it didn't occur to me to look up Longwood. Nice work, both of you. It confirms the timeline info as correct. The 1950 census could be interesting, but they won't release that until 2022, and we all know the world is ending this year, so c'est la vie.
I see we don't have the 1930 census around here anywhere so I just looked it up.

It gives us a new address: 3910 W 30th St, Los Angeles, CA 90016 (less than half a mile from the 28th St. address where they lived before 1930).

Bukowski Sr.'s occupation is "Salesman creamery," which is the L.A. Creamery job. He reported his salary as $7,500. (That's $127,000 in today's dollars, which I thought seemed a bit rich for a milkman, considering his neighbors - an electrical engineer, cabinet maker, electrician, and an insurance agent - all reported smaller incomes. But then I saw that there is another creamery salesman on the page, and his reported income is $10,000! Apparently, it was a good gig?)


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