Look at this, letterpress nerds (1 Viewer)

The local APHA chapter (Aperican Printing History Assn) just screened it last week, but I was not able to make it. I'd love to see it...
Yeah, well - tickets are $20 for the screening here.

I'm not a cheapskate, but, uh, come on man. Sell me the DVD for $15, I'll buy it. Sell it to me for $25, I'll still buy it. But don't bend me over the table and pick my pocket for the privilege of seeing it in a room full of hipsters and idiots with god damn pork pie hats and mutton chop sideburns tweeting from their iPhones while the film plays.

Not to generalize, but I feel pretty safe in predicting that the crowd will be made up of just such types.
It killed me to see those machines out in the scrap yard all rusting and falling apart, left for dead! :(

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