Looking for a poem: writers, baseball and Buk is pitching (1 Viewer)

Hope the title will have triggered a memory in some of you; I need this poem! It might be in 'Flash of Lighting', but I'm not sure: it's the only of the books I that I can't find right now, and I do remember having it in my possession.

Anyway, the poem is even on the back of the book I think: there are some writers on a baseball field (Celine, Hemingway?), and in the end Bukowski is the one pitching. Does anyone know where I can find this one?

Thanks very much, I really need it to illustrate a point I'm trying to make in an essay.
I'll be back here in about 9 hours: time for bed here in The Netherlands, so greetings to all and thanks in advance if anyone knows the poem I'm talking about :)
I believe it's a poem on the back of "Come On In" which came out a few years ago. But I'm not at home, so can't check my books? The poem "Batting Order" is definately in Last Night and Shadow of the rose, but I remember reading the same poem on the back of one of the new books...I'm almost certain it was "Come On In." However I thought "Come On In" was only new poems? Hmmm... Anyone clarify?
It's "9 bad boys" from page 295 of Flash of Lightning.

Celine will bat
Shostakovich is in the
Dostoevsky should hit
Beethoven will definitely bat
Jeffers is in the 5th
Dreiser can hit
and batting 7th
let's have
and 8th the

the pitcher?
hell, give me the
Thanks! :D I ordered 'Last Night of the Earth Poems' anyway, so that should be a treat :)

But now it's time to trace back who I lent 'Flash of Lighting' to :P Thank you marina del rey!

By the way, nervas: I'm pleasantly surprised by seeing Conor Oberst in your sig :)
Hey Deqs....Yeah I guess I'd have to say I love no one more than Conor Oberst. Well, speaking in music terms. Glad to find another fan, always am! By the way if you look at my avatar, that's my attempt at a painting of Bright Eyes "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" LP cover in color.
I do recognize it, nicely done :D As for loving people in music, he's just a step down from Bob Dylan, but miles ahead of any contemporary musician I know of. Love especially the early Bright Eyes stuff, but his two last 'solo' albums are fantastic as well. Ah well, getting a bit off-topic here ;)

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