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I read a poem of Bukowski last year and I just can't find It again so maybe someone could help me! :)

Its a little vague in my head but I try to remember as much as I can.
Its about the friendship between a writer and a painter. They kind of work and get drunk together. But then something happens (I think the painter just left?)and It ends pretty sad with something like 'you could have wrote me at least'.

Hope someone can help me!

Have a nice day!
Maybe "two drunks" from Dangling in the Tournefortia.

I was trying to write.​
I was barely existing.​
mostly I typed dirty things​
for the girly magazines.​
Eddie was trying to paint.​
he was barely existing​
but he was luckier than​
I: he lived in this big​
with this beautiful girl​
who was​
taking care of him.​
Eddie and I were​
drinking together.​
we did our work​
plenty of it but we​
it was​
an exciting time even​
we were hardly​
making it​
and the madhouse and/​
or skid row were just​
around the corner.​
we fought and screamed and​
drank with strangers​
and the sun was always​
up or​
it was midnight​
and either way​
it was​
raw shit energy.​
one day​
I went over​
to see Eddie and​
his girl​
met me​
at the door.​
“Eddie’s gone,” she​
said, “I kicked his​
ass out!”​
Eddie, I don’t care​
much for people​
but you could have​
come by​
you could have slept on the couch​
or the floor.​
not much​
I know​
but yellow is​
my favorite color​
just in case​
you see this poem.​

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