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Since I am currently writing an essay about Women and there looking into the description of the women I recently stumbled over the fact that there is a book called Blowing my hero. I have understood that the book is really hard to find, as I have searched I can't find any copy of it in Sweden and there seems like it's really hard to get in contact with Amber O'neil since it is a pseudony. I know that she is registered here but I couldn't find how to contact here besides the forum.
Since I really would like to read this book to see if I could use it for my research, my studies at the university and my essay, is there some way that I could borrow it from someone who has it or do you know where I can find it? I found one copy at abebooks, but I am a student and I can't afford the $350 that they want for it, but of course I would pay the shipping if someone would be kind hearted and lend me their copy for some time.

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Iida Hääg
The biggest part of it is reprinted in this book:



the price is 15,- EUR; shipping to Sweden should be 3 to 5,- EUR.

In addition to Amber's text, the English part has articles by Gerald Locklin, Robert Sandarg and Abel Debritto.
I pulled that book out a few months ago to scan it for someone, but the way it's bound it can't be scanned without destroying it. Your best bet is Roni's excerpts in the Bukowski Society Yearbook. Or send a message to Amber and wait for her to drop by and see it. That could be a long wait though ("Amber was last seen: Sep 19, 2011").
Since you mentioned it, yes. Scarlet is ten times the book Blowing My Hero is. You'll get a lot more insight into Bukowski (and one of the women who spent a lot of time with him) than you will from the Blowing chapbook. Which isn't to put Blowing down, it's just not an equal comparison.
That's right. And it's available for shipping to Sweden too.

if you want to dig deep into the women of 'Women', you may have to read both these recommendations as well as Linda King's memoir, which was - to my knowledge - never published in full, but different chapters from it every now and then, here and there. It's not big literature, but a look on their relationship from her side.

(Chapter 35 of her memoir about the famous reading in SF, that's recorded on 'Poems and Insults' and written about by Buk in his story 'This Is What Killed Dylan Thomas' in 'South of No North' is in BJ:UK 2006, along with articles by Robert Sandarg, Michael Phillips, Jim Haynes, an interview with the director of 'Factotum', Bent Hamer and other stuff.) - Man, am I a big business-man!

I also seem to remember, that there were other, short memoirs of women, who were being immortalized in the book of that name. I'd love to see a book one day, that gathers all these views from them.

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