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there is a peom about looking into the eyes of any man living, and looking for it but not finding it. looking for the eyes of a tiger. ring any bells?
There's probably a few like that.

Something like splashing from 'The Last Night of the Earth Poems' or millionaires from 'Mockingbird Wish Me Luck' maybe?

Perhaps you mean poverty from 'Burning in Water Drowning in Flame'
it is the man you've never seen who
keeps you going,
the one who might arrive


a living man, truly alive,
say when he brings his hands down
from lighting a cigarette
you see his eyes
like the eyes of a tiger staring past
into the wind.

yes hanksolo! that is the very one i've been thinking of - pverty from burning in water, yes i think that's the last buk book i held in myt hands - my buddy eddie had a copy from black sparrow and that's where i last read it. thanks much!

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