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Hello Bukowski people- The first time I experienced some of Bukowski's work was watching a documentary on him by satellite a couple nights ago. There was one poem in particular, I am trying to find the title to so I can read it in it's entirety. It had to do with people's actions and words being the opposite of what they actually represent. And how some people are completely intolerant of another's solitude. One line said something about people preaching peace are actually calling for war.
My recollection of the poem is so vague but the gist of what I was hearing was powerfull stuff. If there is anyone who could name this poem out a vast,vast body of work and with little to go off of, it would be greatly appreciated.
It's a good poem but highly overrated. All he does is make simple paradoxes. Nothing really profound about it. Well, the last section is actually quite amazing!

i.e. peace=war
love = hate
truth = lies

Good poem but
not one of his best.
Olaf, isn' that why many of us enjoy Bukowski? The simple paradox? The simple laying it down true? What's so profound about many many of his poems that we all enjoy? I think it's one of his best. I actually posted it on my a myspace blog a few years back and I got a million and one questions asking who it was or people quoting Bukowski work. It's excellent!

Do Help me in finding out Bukow's works.

Hi everybody,

Can anyone help me to find out Bukow's works "Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness" and "The most beautiful woman in town". If u hv plz do send me the link..

Hi Arun,
Try amazon.com or bn.com or abe.com. All of them have recent printings for sale. I don't know of any sites that have them free and hope that they only exist in actual physical book form.

For the record, "Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness" was broken up into two books. Those titles are:

"Tales of Ordinary Madness"
"The Most Beautiful Woman In Town"

Thanks Bill,

Plz let me know, if u know any sites that hv the downloads of the books i mentioned below.

"Mothers and shadows"- by "Marta Traba"

"The Ship of fools"- by "Christina Peri Rossi"

"A forbidden passion"- by "Christina Peri Rossi"

and the works of "William S. Burroughs"

I cant find the above said titles anywhere in India.. So plz help...

Since you seem to speak English very well, why not buy the books from the US or UK? That seems easier than looking for free copies.


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