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the underground movement of now.
What/where is an underground movement today? I ask sincerely, because it seems to me that there is no underground anything anymore, what with the Internet and all.

Also, if you want publisher recommendations you might be more specific regarding what it is, exactly, that you would like to see published. Poetry? Short stories? Novels? Tweets?
I used a letterpress printer in my local area. Yes you are going to pay out of pocket, and have to distribute/sell them yourself, but in my experience, all went well. Also it's good to build face-to-face relationships and keep the printers in business!


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I know this is an old post, but I too am old.

I always thought the "underground" publishers meant the DIY or at least the DIY-type movement in terms of what dmilam has suggested. Not only do you keep small printers in business, but after a while, you get to know the network of other people that are doing the same thing (now that there's the Internet!).

Your local letterpress may very well be a small press and you should always hit them up first. You can also check on PW.org for independent publishers or small presses, which I'm sure is the easy answer you came here for. I only post it for most everyone else wondering -- the ones who don't know about that directory. Though, most people that have done their own homework know about it already.

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