Looking for the english original of the poem FINISH (1 Viewer)


at least the poem is called finish in the translation of carl weissner.
i think he did a good job.
but searching for the original in the web i only stumbled over a different poem by mr bukowski.
i found "Finish" in the german translation of the bukowsi book: "poems written before jumping out of an 8 story window".

the first line goes something like:

the hearse comes trough the room...

this is my absolutely favorite poem by bukowski.
inspired me a lot.
i am really keen on the original.

if someone could help me i would be very grateful.

Try finish which appears in The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills 1969, Black Sparrow Press.
"Finish" = Watts Riots poem?

Was the poem "Finish" you're discussing written about the Watts Riots of 1967 and first published in Wormwood, or am I mistaken?

Thanks, d gray. I would also like to note for the record that I should have stated the "Watts Riots of 1965" and not 1967. I was obviously thinking about the riots that took place in Newark and Detroit of 1967.
Shooting the shit? No, we're just chewin'the fat...;)
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