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Good Los Angeles blog. Keep it up.

The only mistake I saw was that you called Hollywood Bl. just east of the 101 "ungentrifiable." Common rookie mistake. But wait five or ten years, you'll see there is no ungentrifiable part of Los Angeles.
This neighborhood was rundown when Bukowski pounded the pavement, it resisted the resurgence that put clubs and restaurants farther west in Hollywood around Highland and if it wasn't for Armenian, Thai and other recent working class immigrants, would be total hell. Now with the credit crisis, any development has been killed. So maybe ten years, maybe ten years from now we're all in Chinese concentration camps. Meantime, this place is a time capsule and I'll be documenting it. Posts of the Bon Air demolitions soon. Legmanla.com
Indeed, that's the menu. And you get what you pay for. The boiled eggs keep the old smokes alive, but a college aged kid inspired by the piece went over and like it so much he's eaten through the whole menu, burritos, eggs, avocados. Can't get any drinking in if one is so reckless.
I love the look of that menu - reminds me of the blue collar taverns that my Dad and his brother/brothers-in-law would take our families out to. Draft beer for them - sandwiches, soda-pop and a mysterious jukebox for us (who the hell were Teresa Brewer and Eddy Arnold, anyway ?)

But as I looked closer, something bugged me.

The breakfast item at the bottom says:

"Biscuits & Sausage&
Hash Browns,Gravy"

And my twin obsessions for cheap diner food and correct punctuation collided to produce this question: Is it Sausage Gravy over Biscuits with Hash Browns, or is it Sausage (link or patty) with Hash Browns, and Biscuits and Gravy ?

So I called them. The guy answering the phone said it was only Sausage Gravy over Biscuits. NO HASH BROWNS ! And yet the price remains $3.25....

So LegmanLA let me ask you:

1) What is the name of the cult you are luring unsuspecting diner aficionados into with unrealistic promises of greasy and delicious breakfast items ?

2) Where are you diverting the Hash Browns to ?

Fess up now or face the Spatula of Righteousness
You've read that menu more comprehensively than the average rub-a-dub stumbling into the dump. You see no one goes there to eat, and no one eats at the King Eddy who doesn't need to. You see the guys in the flops and welfare hotels aren't allowed a hot plate, and many of the habitués aren't allowed in any other eateries. Even fast food joints near Skid Row have security at the door to keep the bums from washing up in the toilet. Next time you call? Try to make reservations and get back to us with a report.
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I was worried you weren't a pompous prick, but now I realize my concerns were unwarranted.

and thank goodness you don't have a sense of humour. there's nothing I hate more than someone who can laugh.

I'm glad you're here to tell us what the homeless have to live through, we had no idea. Saul Bellow, J.D. Salinger and John Updike tried their best, but fell short. finally they have a voice. it is you, LegmanLA . don't pay any attention to those who call you a condescending twat, they are jealous and misguided. speak, SPEAK for the unwashed!

you see.
That's so harsh!

On the bright side, I hold out hope that there will soon be a LegmanWilliamsburg blog.

I'm sure it's a short fixie ride to East New York, Brownsville or Bed Stuy (if the smug, Pabst-swilling pomo hordes haven't made them the hot new places to live already) where he can find a welfare hotel or flop to pedal past and enlighten everyone about.

I look forward to that. Los Angeles, the bankrupt banana republic, short on the brain thing from the get-go will just have to soldier on without him. Sad, but this is the sad flower in the sand after all.

Godspeed LegmanWilliamsburg, godspeed.
Asked somebody from L.A. about the place:

"It's less than a mile from where I sit . . .shitty part of East Hollywood. Good tire store nearby and lots of really great Thai food too."
I'm glad you're here to tell us what the homeless have to live through, we had no idea. Saul Bellow, J.D. Salinger and John Updike tried their best, but fell short.
As well I'm glad you're here to share that storied Canadian humour, your Maritime provincial humour at any rate. But understandably not geographically here. It's just every Canuck with an ounce of talent and ambition that is here in Los Angeles.
I've never called myself an American, but more to the point, I never have mentioned the homeless. Ever. Now I recall telling Mordechai Richler sitting beside me at Winnie's that I was off to drive around Nova Scotia. He said to me "they're different there." And so you are indeed.
sorry, not homeless but "the guys in the flops and welfare hotels". you got me there, you clever bastard, you. and just when I thought I had the upper hand!

foiled again by the non-American Americans. that's what I get for being different.
I hold out hope that there will soon be a LegmanWilliamsburg blog.

I'm sure it's a short fixie ride to East New York, Brownsville or Bed Stuy

Quelle Idée! I've considered expanding the blog. Now if you'd like to be my Brooklyn correspondent and continue your penchant for churning out thousands of posts, you're hired. I can double what you're getting paid here and I can organize a (used) bike for you to scoot around Bed Sty. Can you ride fast? And I was beginning to think this was a drain on my time.
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Why isn't Tintin allowed to be loud and rowdy in LA?

believe it or not, Lacrosse is our national sport.

Canadians are still WTFing over that one.
Didn't you guys win the gold for Curling too?

I knew a guy for upper state New York that told me about Lacrosse. A game invented by Native Americans (in Canada and the U.S.) that is quite violent-today the players wear helmets.

To get back on thread- Canadians are Americans and California use to be part of Mexico. Los Angeles is a Spanish name, after all. The word blog is anyone's guess.
Blog is a shortened form of the word "web blog".

To re-cap:
Canadians are Americans with better health care

Americans are Canadians with guns.

That weird strip of land called The Baja is eternally at war with The Mexifornians and The Calexicos.

Chicago is derived form the Native American word shikaakwa, which means "wild onion". Ex: You're driving us off our land for these nauseating little stink-weeds that we wouldn't feed our worst enemy ? Seriously ?
Now that we're back on LA... are there any good books on the history of Los Angeles? Specifically the 20th century, but I'll take anything as long as it isn't BORING history... Pictures of titties are preferred, but I can always keep my laptop open while I read, so not necessary.
"Chinese Concentration Camps"

Har!, now there's a refreshing outlook, definitely someone we want tableside at the annual Bukowski Family Thanksgiving Celebration.

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