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To re-cap:
Canadians are Americans with better health care

Americans are Canadians with guns.

That weird strip of land called The Baja is eternally at war with The Mexifornians and The Calexicos.

Chicago is derived form the Native American word shikaakwa, which means "wild onion". Ex: You're driving us off our land for these nauseating little stink-weeds that we wouldn't feed our worst enemy ? Seriously ?


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I wish I was bright enough to understand what this thread is actually about.


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Now that we're back on LA... are there any good books on the history of Los Angeles? Specifically the 20th century, but I'll take anything as long as it isn't BORING history... Pictures of titties are preferred, but I can always keep my laptop open while I read, so not necessary.
"Chinese Concentration Camps"

Har!, now there's a refreshing outlook, definitely someone we want tableside at the annual Bukowski Family Thanksgiving Celebration.
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