"loss," "12 hour night," "toenails," "the shifting" from Sisyphus Leaves 1992 (1 Viewer)


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Toenails is surprisingly good.
Reminds me of my 89 year old mother.
Cutting her toenails is a real hassle for her.
Sometimes she forgets she needs help to do it and has a go on her own.
If unlucky she snips the tip off one of her toes with the clippers.
Blood all over the floor where she walks afterwards.
Getting old is not a glamorous thing.

Buk nailed that part of life as well.
The toenails one reminds me of some line where buk talks about the victory or how hard it is just to put your shoes on. I think its in the captains out to lunch.
He never liked cutting his own toenails. I remember reading several pieces where he always got his girlfriends to do it. I think in one he was worried about who would cut them because he just broke up with a woman.

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