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Got this paper today. Hardcopies are tough to find, believe me. Most papers have gone digital to store their back issues and good old hardcopies are pretty elusive.

This is a good accompanying piece:

Anyway, "Inept" remains uncollected as of today. Whatever happened to those poems? Inquiring minds...


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hank solo

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:cool: Thanks cirerita

Anyone know if they were auctioned again?


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Whatever happened to those poems? Inquiring minds...
He sold them in the spring of '99. He contacted me back in April ("I'll take it "goofball" is a compliment."). Originally the link to that article read, "Goofball finds Bukowski poem in the trash." He was a friendly enough guy so I took the goofball bit out. Maybe I was just jealous. ;)
I got that Weekly some place. I found it once and put it in some secret place where I wouldn't lose it. Haven't found it yet. Many thanks cirerita (that was hard to type).

By the way, I found this site by searching for the inept poem. I didn't think these boards were searchable unless you logged in. Glad this wasn't behind some impenetrable wall.

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