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this is driving me crazy
this lost mystery book of mine

but if my memory serves me
well then i can say this

from your art display(MJP)if
#30 picture(if numbering pictures like you read the page)
is original then who owns that picture now?

this will help until i find book.

my wife said book won't show til i stop looking.
anyway is the painting a serigraph that was multi printed?

do you know who has original


I don't remember if that's a print- "Serigraph" - form a hardcover or an original drawing...Since it's dated I tend to think it's a drawing rather than a print. Someone else will know the answer.

Serigraph is just another word for silkscreen.
And the date was left on it? That's unusual, but there you go. Always something new.

As for the original, it could be anywhere. Martin sold original art to dealers, or anyone who asked, really. So it could be out there somewhere.

Whoever has it would probably want an arm and a leg for it though. I think that Bukowski's art is going to become even more valuable as time goes on. It's less common than the letters or poem manuscripts, and so much of it was bound into books that the separate pieces that are out there are getting harder and harder to come by.

I don't mean the doodles, but rather the separate pieces. Though as the art becomes more valuable so will the doodles. Just like $5000 for a Picasso scrawl on a napkin. ;)

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