Lost stories, lost poems, lost novels... and now lost CARTOONS!!! (1 Viewer)


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Yep, that's right. 45 cartoons submitted to The New Yorker or Esquire lost in the mail or in someone's files.

I did check all the New Yorker covers from the 1955-1960 period and I've attached here the only one with lots of canoes. Alas, there are no serenading males that I can see ;) Maybe this is not the cover he's talking about. If you want to give it a try, go here:


Or here:

and type "canoe" or "lake" or whatever you might think useful in the search toolbox.


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"...I felt that mine were better executed, and I do not mean killed, they killed that."

i always Love it, when the 'younger' Buk plays with words.
I think you found it, if in that fuzzy pic the guy near the foreground is casting a fishing line...

But I have to say that Fry(e) was delusional if she thought the New Yorker or Esquire would publish one of Bukowski's sketches.
He married her in 1955, so it is quite possible that they were corresponding the year before that.

Then again, it could all be bullshit, the New Yorker thing. Seems like a plausible story though, with the description of the packaging.
No one knows for sure because the Fry(e)/Bukowski correspondence from that period has not surfaced.

According to myth, B. sent her 50 poems or so right after the Charity Ward incident, which took place in April 1954, so yeah, I guess they began to correspond sometime in 1954.

But B. took that Art course at LACC in 1956-57, and I think those cartoons were made when Fry(e) and B. were living together in LA.

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