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any of you watch this tv show?
yeah, i got suckered into the first two seasons, they were really good.
i just finished the third season, still fun to watch, but what the hell?
i don't think it really has a plot, more of a, "lets make it up as we go along," theme.

i hate being pulled into tv shows, i try to avoid tv.
i'm a Lost addict now with a love-hate relationship for it.

who's on this sinking ship with me?
I've been debating about whether to check this out. I'm not much of a TV person either - except for an occasional ballgame or the Fox animated comedies. But since these DVD's became available, certain shows look more tempting. The Showtime series "Weeds" has proven to be terrific. And I might just have a go at "Lost". I understand numbers begin to surface as clues to the whole mystery. This intrigues me.
I watch this show and have seen every episode. The problem is that it takes LONG breaks. I think that they are going a year between he last season finale and this season.

Much of it seems like it is made up on the spot. Thatb may be the case. The problem with any show like this is that eventually the ratings drop and it is cancelled. At that point, the producers could care less about a quality ending and they usually let it die without resolution. A show like this would be like watching a 60 hour miniseries and then missing the last two hours...

I would catch one show of Lost once in a while because I do not watch tv regularly. But then I caught Lost and couldn't understand what was happening. Then I rented season one,then 2 then 3 within 2 weeks I got totally sucked in. I thought it was original and the characters were so interesting. So I am a Lost addict. But as Bill said when is the next season coming out?
The first two seasons were good. The third season started getting stupid. Hopefully they'll fix that.

The Shield... now there's a show!

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