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Lots of erections lately (1 Viewer)


...now that I have your attention!

I am used to seeing one copy of "ERECTIONS" a year show up on ebay. Right now, there are 5 or 6 copies for sale. They are all later editions, but even those are uncommon.

It could be the tough times that are causing people to clean out their bookshelves for extra money?



one million dollars.....

No, actually, it depends on the edition. For a 1st/1st in fine condition, probably $150.

You used the term VG. Is that VG in real terms or bookseller terms? in bookseller terms VG means nearly shitty. I did not make up the rules, but they go like this:

As New = Mint
Fine = Near Mint
Near Fine = really pretty
Very good = not so good
Good = Shitty
Poor = may not even be in one piece.

So, if you mean VG to mean VERY GOOD (Really nice), and you mean that you want a 1st/1st, expect to pay $100 - $150. For later edition, probably $30, especially with the glut of them on ebay lately.



Sordide Sentimental
I fell in your trap. I was expecting spicy details


Don't get your hopes up. I've been married for 11 years. Not many stories to tell... Let's let one of the single guys (or girls!) tell stories...

I guess, I must be ill in some way:
When reading the headline, NOTHING ELSE than the book-title came up to my mind. Maybe it's because it's a Bukowski-forum. The title is more present here than the physical state. (except talking about giving blowjobs which ALLWAYS gives me a hard-on of course!)


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Bill: I had no idea Erections was that scarce a book. One copy a year? Jeez. There are many copies out there, so people must be hanging onto them.

You left out my favorite condition: "fair" it means some non-critical things may be missing, like endpapers, or the backstrip, and there is soiling, tears, creases, markings, etc., but the text is all there and readable.

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