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I am new to the forum but would like those on it to know that there is now in New Orleans an exhibit of the works of the LOUJON PRESS at The Historic New Orleans Collection 410 Chartres St.


Alternative Imprints: Jon Webb, Gypsy Lou, and the Hand-Sewn World of the Loujon Press

August 13-November 16, 2013
Williams Research Center, 410 Chartres St.
Tuesday-Saturday, 9:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.
Admission is free.

Celebration Event

On Saturday September 7th the HNOC will be holding a seminar and reading in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the publication of IT CATCHES MY HEART IN ITS HANDS. Reading will be Neeli Cherkovski. Hopefully Gypsy Lou Webb will be in attendance. Lou is 97 years old and is in fragile health.

Presentation featuring Edwin J. Blair, JoAnn Clevenger, and Neeli Cherkovski
Saturday, September 7th 2 - 4 p.m.
The Williams Research Center, 410 Chartres Street
Admission is free; seating is limited.
Reservations at [email protected] or (504) 523-4662.​


Welcome to the forum and thanks for the update Edwin.

I have added your post to this existing thread on this exhibition.
Cool looking event, Edwin. Is it too much to request that somebody make a documentary of it for those of us who can't make the New Orleans trip at the moment? :rolleyes:
Lou looked at me and cringed, then shrugged off concern for her unreliable faculties. “I lost my mind when I had the stroke two years ago,” she said. “But I am getting better.”

Watching people lose their memories is sad. (But sadness is beautiful, no?)
in the Vice article, that little part about bukowski trying (and failing) to "fuck lou", ummm.....don't think so...
if I recall correctly, they are thinking about when William wantling died, and bukowski kinda tried to get ruth wantling to go to bed with him...

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