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guys ,

i am in new orleans and would like to know where loujon presses address was here in the the 60s. does anyone out know? id seen it mentioned in a book of letters but i couldnt find it before i arrivived here. i am leaving on the 2nd so i kind of need to know as soon as possible. sorry. i tried looking around and googling the fuck out of things but i failed. so --- please - you would help me with this info and i would be grateful forever.

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hello again,

just got back to minneapolis from nola. what i actually found at the ursulines address was a bit disappointing -- a white gate that obviously went somewhere --between two other buildings that looked kind of new -- the street was pretty cool and old and right on the edge of the quarter not too far from the river. what about the royal street address? an earlier posting mentioned that. anyway, i was down there visiting some friends that live in a place across the river called algier's point. they also live about 5 blocks away from where william burroughs lived for about 2 years - a place written about in kerouac's on the road. we went there and it was kind a low level sprawling one story house that went a ways back from the road, surrounded by a fence and guarded by two german shepards - one white, the other was the usual color - and was very old and only stood there. the white one ran back and forth and barked but he didnt really seem that dangerous. another place of interest was a building where faulkner lived for a while and wrote soldier's pay, his first book. theres a bar right there that he drank in too. all very beautiful. also saw gram parson's grave. i cleaned the head stone off some.

also saw the hurricane devastation. my friend is an a. p. new writer and was reporting on the flood action when it was all occuring. very sad and depressing obviously.

well, i needs to go, so thanks again to everyone helped,


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