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Are there any Lujon Press collectors on the forum? I have a few (non-Bukowski) items I'm going to part with and thought I'd check the forum first.

MILLER, Henry. Order and Chaos chez Hans Reichel. With an introduction by Lawrence Durrell and a foreword by Carl Shapiro. (Tucson: Loujon Press, 1966) First edition, fine in fine dustjacket and fine slipcase in original Loujon shipping box. One of 1399 copies of the 'cork' edition. Published as Gypsy Lou Series #3. Shifreen & Jackson A157c.

loujon flyer.jpg

Additional items in the lot:
Loujon-printed flyer (8.5" x 10") announcing the book's awards in Typography and Type Direction & Design, and as one of the best books published in 1966. Very good condition with a rusty paperclip mark. [scan attached]

Loujon-printed pre-publication poster announcing the forthcoming book includes image of Miller with his bicyle. Fine. Scarce (I've never seen another copy of this poster.)

For the lot: $115


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I've always wanted that Henry Miller book but it'll have to wait for better days. El Broko, as Homer Simpson would say (did he really, or am I making that up?)


give it a few years and it won't be there in low or high tide....

James, I'll name a star after you and it will be recorded in book form inthe US Patent office. How's that for sweetening up the pot?


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Good point, I would like to have something written by one of his pens. I see a certain value in that. I think if james wrote it that would be of value as well. I might want a more positive message, however.
how about i buy a bulk of ecco press copies of post office and sign his name in all of 'em with his pen. one hundred bucks apiece. now taking orders ;)

for an extra fifty i'll personalize it, "to gerard k h love, with love, HANK"...

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