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It does not seem to be the multicolored cloth strip as was described in Krumhansl. That being said, it does seem 100% legit, and you are right Derringer has been around for a while. I have always found them very high on many of their items ($50 magazines, etc), but have never doubted their legitimacy.

Those multi colored cloth strips are pretty, though. It would be a shame is the binder rant out of the material for this book!

On a side note, on abe, you will notice that there are many copies of the 1/300 signed edition of this book. Some, from reputable dealers for $450 - 500. Then there is the usual painfully overpriced GREGOR Books, wanting $1187.50 for his copy in like condition. I cannot imagine that he sells many books. His prices are always higher than anyone elses and in this case, over twice as high for an exact conditioned copy.

The bookseller has graciously acknowledged my concerns and altered his listing accordingly.

Now I am curious about this book.

Oh and Bill... James from Skyline has this (1 of 75) on ABE for $3,000.
That's why this auction caught my eye.

...and yes, Gregor is always more expensive. I've only bought one book from them and that's because it was a one-off.
Now if Derringer would only lower the starting bid to a reasonable price, he may get a bid.

I have found that most of his Bukowski auctions end with no bidder. Of course, that is a problem that I have too....

The last two of note were a copy of the Intransit Warhol issue for a starting price of $299.99 (no bids) and a first paper copy of Hot Water Music for a starting bid of $74.99 (no bids). Plus, I have often seem very common $20 magazines that he starts at $50 - $75. Always with no bids.


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