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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
LOVE - ZERO by A. D. Winans

Foreword by Neeli Cherkovski
Limited Edition: $10, plus $5.00 S&G,,
New York Residents only add: 8 5/8% NYS Sales Tax.

Special Limited Number 26 lettered (A-Z, as available) copies Signed by the author and publisher $25 (includes shipping and any sales tax)

Make payment to:

Cross-Cultural Communications
239 Wynsum Avenue
Merrick, NY 11566-4725
[email protected]


"Winans is as open as one can be with this work...exposing vulnerabilities, love, disappointment, passion and a dedication to a relationship that was headed for disaster from the start.

--Annie Menebroker

"I'm carrying your love poem in my purse. It haunts me."

--Janice Mirikitani, former San Francisco Poet Laureate

"These poems express so well the feelings of love. I don't know if they're worth a broken heart, but anyone who has ever loved and lost will shed tears over these poems. There is a wonderful acceptance, not a raging over lost love, rather a kind of twilight love, the kind of love that wishes the other party well."

--Sharon Ramirez.


What I love about these poems is the acceptance of that inevitability from the get-go. Your commitment to the process regardless of outcome is the mark of a true love warrior. And the artwork is simply scrumptious! I was not expecting it, and the artist is excellent . . . his work so perfect for your book. These poems have the mark of great poetry, that is when the personal is felt by the reader as universal and reflective of his or her own experience.

--Joyce Mason

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