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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
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My sister Linda King writes about how hard it is to write a book with great expectations and being disappointed in sales. I would not be disappointed if I were her. If we checked back in time we would probably discover that very few writers comparatively speaking became well known authors. But when the common person writes a book I think it is something to celebrate. I have just been reading my memoir about the first twenty years of my life published this year on Amazon as an e-book, called "Daughters of the Shadow Men. I write under my maiden name, Gerry King. I just read the first 5 chapters offered as a sample and I thought this does not sound like a polished writer, but more like an old country woman trying to sound professional. But I remembered that was what I was trying to sound like when I wrote the memoir. This is just me, folks, always trying to be a writer, but when I went off to school the city kids made fun of me because I said 'bare' instead of bear and harse instead of horse. I tried to get rid of my country brogue and when I came home my little sister Linda accused me of being hoity toity. I said, no, Lina, it is like learning to speak french. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk when you go to the city, believe me, or those city kids will crucify you! But you can never take the country out of the country girl. It will somehow shine through. But so will the talent shine, and Linda's shines through in everything she writes, paints, and sculptures.


LOVIN AND HATING CHALES BUKOWSKI. If you have ever written a book and tried to sell a book you will know why I put this book back up again. I don'[t know how to sell. This book has everything, sex, gossip;, love , rage, passion. You would think it would go viral, but no it has has left me wondering if I shoud be a writer or not. The world is changing too fast and I can't keep.up. Bob Yoder of Wild Ocean Press did such a wonderful job editing this book. You can order it from him. I am not going to jump of a bridge because I left San Francisco and would have to go jump off Angel's Landing or someplace like that. I have stopped writing anything for months and hoping to get back on track, but there are no tracks in St. George. This book will good for you. No formulas with Bukowski.
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