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Reading Linda King's book now, only like 1/5 through but loving it.

Bukowski has frankly been a huge influence on my life. I relate to the way he sees the world and I relate to a lot in this book too. I guess that's why it's good?

I've read Women easily a dozen times so it's really interesting to get another take on it, from someone who was there, and lived it, but naturally has a different perspective.

I realize I'm 1/5 through and so... well it wouldn't surprise me if I were at the "love" part and there were some ugliness coming up. That's ok.

I don't make a lot of money and I buy things sparingly, especially stuff I really want, like books and records. If I could have pirated this book, I would have, but I couldn't, so I sucked it up and paid like $20 for a physical copy.

Worth it!

For a guy who wrote a lot about his trials and tribulations with women, he was fairly lucky to have what I see as three hugely important relationships in his life. Jane, Linda King, and of course, his wife Linda.

I've had one, and reading this rings really true, from Linda's poem mentioning complaining about his whiskers to Bukowski's very explicit "my cock spreads and listens and feels and curves and your cunt answers and your cunt answers."

Even little details not in Women at all, like Bukowski lost a ton of weight (40 lbs in 2 months?) when he first started dating Linda. Before getting back together with my girl I was absolutely working on myself like crazy, cutting the beer, running, weights, aerobics, ridiculous shit.

Taken at face value, that's not a big deal. Tons of people work on themselves for a romantic interest. I guess given Buk's reputation as a self-identified slob it's impressive he actually pulled it off and I think that's credit to the inspiration.

I'm so lame I am in fact rereading Women again pausing every couple chapters to read through Linda's book, so I am basically keeping something of a coherent timeline. Super fun!
Charles Bukowski's Scarlet
is a vastly better book.

More insightful, well written and without any vindictive idiocy at the end.
gotta say thanks for that recommendation. maybe 1/5 through pamela's and 4/5 linda's. pamela's is an easier and more fun read frankly. but linda's is great too. glad i'm reading them both.
Jesus...I love his stuff but going so far as to read through dross like this by women who knew him is insanity...read someone great while you still can.
It makes perfect sense to read books by people who knew him whether they're men or women if you're really interested in Bukowski. You can still read books by someone great too. One thing does´nt have to exclude another. Besides, it's my impression that many people here are very well read when it comes to great books.
That's a good book for sure! I think most books by people who knew him are interesting to read, maybe with a few exceptions.
Linda King and I are offering signed copies of Charles Bukowski's Scarlet for just $69.99. This is a limited edition of 50 copies... unless we sell more and she keeps signing them... Who the fuck is gonna know?

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