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I happened on this website by accident and have been trying to get in touch with Linda Bukowsky for years! We were roommates in the late 60's but lost touch maybe 10-15 years ago. A long shot but does anybody have a current address?
Bukowski is spelled with an "i" at the end, not a "y". She is at the same address as she was 15 years ago, so she should be easy to locate.

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OK, was just a thought! Nope. No musical, no opera, and sorry about the misspelling! I didn't realilze there was another Linda (King) until I did a little research after reading the comments but I was referring to Linda Lee Beighle. If any of you see her ask her about "Wipe Outs" at the Casablanca!As I said originally, a long shot. Didn't mean to upset anyone.
I would suggest contacting her through Ecco. That would be the best way. I'm not sure how good mail would be anyway, as she probably still gets a lot of mail and it would probably be pretty easy to get lost in the sea of requests, offers, etc.... I think that we are all a bit sensitive as I know that the person who runs this site (who is not me) gets a lot of requests for her address. These are usually people who either want to publish Bukowski's poems, set them to music, etc, etc. They are usually the same people that have asked Ecco and been told "no" and figure that if they beg Linda, the answer will be any different.

I'm not sure that anyone here has her phone number. She has e-mail, but I have no idea what that e-mail address is.

Really, we are trying to keep people from harassing her for favors. If the address was thrown around, believe me, people would still show up at the house asking to see his writing room, his easy chair, etc, etc... We are trying to do our best to not contribute to this kind of thing. In fact, there have been people who have posted questions on this forum saying that they were going to go to San Pedro and wanted to know the address so that they could go by the house. They were not given the address.

The Linda King reference was an inside joke and was not in reference to anything that you said. It was a carryover from another thread.

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