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i watched this film and there definitely felt like there were elements of bukowski in it, an attempt on the buk persona, in part; essentially the film has nothing to do with bukowski, but i'm sure there is a definite allusion, specially at the start.

has anyone seen the film?

have a look
i just watched it and made the connect

lots of gambling
loafers ethos
horses gambling
and the vague mention
of a guy named bukowski


i could be
It's the cop who's called 'Bukowski' is it not?

I thought the film was absolutely dire, only saved by a comedy moment when my 'cheeky' copy suddenly became overdubbed with some mad Russian ranting.
Unfortunately that only lasted for 5 minutes and when the film returned to normal my brain lost interest and I got more enjoyment out of a crow attacking one of Brightons monstrous seagulls outside my window.
Yeah, the film is pretty much a lot of rubbish! But I just noticed this bukowski kind of tone to the film, particularly at the start, and the horse racing and drinking and kind of misanthropic stereotype.

I thought I'd mention it...but overall, the film is actually worth ignoring...
Hey olaf, wasnt it you who said that the society of the spectacle integrates everything?
Especially things that could get dangerous...any che-guarana Tshirts in the movie?

greetings and just have fun.
Everything we do is good.
Its an odd film. I quite liked Josh Hartnetts carefree and later in the film chillingly cold and calculated persona however it disturbed me how dumb The Boss and The Rabbi were with regards to 'Nick Fisher'.

It reminded me a lot of the critically panned Guy Ritchie film 'Revolver' and last years 'Smokin Aces' in terms of having a potentially complex and intellectual plot ruined by over ambititious writing.

All three films were watchable 6/10 rated films if I were to grade them but they could all have potentially been SO MUCH better

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