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I think Lune Froide (Cold Moon) is one of the best Bukowski film ever. It's got more of the dark humour than the other Buk movies. And especially the last 15 min. of the film is very correct to the shortstory " The Copulating Mermaid Of Venice".

Anyone here who have seen it??

I was lucky enough to find it on DVD, with english subtitle.
It's more true to the story and it is in B/W, not color. The different scenes are more raw than in Crazy Love, espessially the corpsescene at the end.

I got the DVD from a friend of mine, who also collect Bukowski movies. And she is a member of a filmclub. So i don't think the DVD is released commercial with English subtitle. But mine got DVD quality and the english subtitle is the same as it was shown on cinema , but no labels or covers.

..I also got the Japanese version and the French, but without subtitle. And the Japanese version is sencoured at the ending scene were the corpse is nude.
So can you or anyone confirm that the new (May 2007) French release has no English subtitles? Amazon (FR) doesn't say.
Can't see if it got eng.subtitle, but it looks like it got more extras than in the 2003 version.
The French version i got, are from 2003 and the Japanese from 2001.

The eng. subtitled version i got are from 2006, but it's not made for commercial sale.
Just watched this last night. Pretty good film, I should say. I would say that this flick is way better than Crazy Love. There, I said it!
I'm not sure which one I liked better. it's been over a year since I saw Crazy Love. maybe I'll watch it again tonight.
but as far as my memory serves me, I prefer Crazy Love.
I love the scene in the bar where the 2 old friend reunite.
also, I think the subtitles for Cold Moon were lacking, causing me to miss something (I think).

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