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hey all,

anyone here a mash fan? i recently bought the dvd collection and have been working my way through the series. and it's struck me how bukowski-ish the style, themes, emotional content and the characters are.

you know how buk will start out all bravado and comic in a poem and then find that "thing" that turns the story... humour in a war zone mentality.

maybe it's just me... i dunno. but reading the new wave of poems and watching these old episodes... there's some really interesting common ground.

hawkeye pierce= 1 part groucho marx, 1 part dry martini, 2 parts buk.
Yeah, I'm a big MASH fan.

I've never seen the slightest amount of common ground between the two.

Just me.
I suppose you can draw a link between them. The madness of war V the madness of everyday life..........

Some of the early MASH episodes were brilliant :)

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