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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
This is a weird one that is in the database, but I'm not sure most folks know about it. In 1969, probably before "The Days Run Away..." where it was also published, the Lit Press of Notre Dam University published a hard cover (and soft cover) book called "Mad Windows". The title comes from Buk's poem, "These Mad Windows That Taste Life And Cut Me If I Go Through Them".

Mad-Windows_1.jpg Mad-Windows_2.jpg Mad-Windows_4.jpg
Looks like he always had that strange impulse to hurl himself through glass plates (who hadn't? :rollfool:):
I stand before the glass doors which
lead to the yard.
as always, I have this gentle urge to
throw myself through
(No Dice, Open All Night)

P.S. I bet "gentle" was inserted later by you know who.
No, not the one from Boston, the other one with the same name.
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